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Thread: Making a Board game

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    Making a Board game

    Anyone have any advice for someone just starting to create a board game? I'm working on a Bomberman-esc Board game.

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    Think about Games that could be similar in some way, break down their mechanics as simple and easy as possible.

    Thats a starting point, you also can just bring in all ideas you have for a mindstorm session. Ask yourself if you would play this.

    Something like this. Creating a game i think is not hitting the perfect mark, but a game your friends would like to play and of course you too.

    Also , keep the materials really cheap and easy to build for the first time. (Paper sheets are enough an a pencil)

    also when you draw cards or tokens, make them first simple and write on them the name they are supposed to be. Like Bomberman is bomberman.

    It keeps you focused sometimes and not looking at many papers to combine it.

    Playtesting your ideas and build a game out of it.

    These suggestion from me you can mix up and mash up. Also look at BGG for Threads with this topic in the "DO it yourself " section

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    Be prepared for failure. Almost everything results in failure. Also, don't give up when you do fail. It's part of the process.

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    Yeah I'm trying to stay as cheap as possible, I'm using dollar store stuff along with things I already have to make sure i don't spend money until it is 100% developed. I have the movement mechanism and lots of other ideas down, I just have never made a game before so I didn't want to make any critical mistakes when working on it.

    Right now I am having a problem with a non-critical issue at the moment, but in trying to stray from the bomberman name, I came up with a cool idea but I am having issues coming up with a good name for the game.

    Instead of being a robot like bomberman, Its a scientist who accidentally cloned himself and is trying to get rid of his clones (bomb style), before they can get out. But since they are all clones they all have this mentality and all think they are the original scientist.

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    so the scientist could throw bottles with chemical stuff at each other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressless View Post
    so the scientist could throw bottles with chemical stuff at each other?
    yeah and im thinking about adding missiles instead of punch bomb as a power up. There's lots of options since its my own spin on it now.

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    Maybe he could throw a mixture to make somemone bigger or smaller and throw an antidote that kills them? Or use on himself.^^ Interesting Theme i like it and hope to playtest it maybe in the future! Good Luck!

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