So for an Upcoming Event ive created a Hero- and Villain- Only- Team.

I like to hear some opinions what could be done better, or are there any flaws.

First comes the Heroes, since they are easier to pick for me.

First off, i love this team for its core element, the Justice League. All of them work so well together!

Win-Con: Relentless with Cyborg and Mary Jane(Overcrush). Second Win-Con, Retaliation JL.
I have cheap masks so i can get Characters for Overcrush and or Retaliation or i get Masks for Relentless to do some damage with Cyborg.

Ramp and Churn:
Big Entrance combined with Aquaman gives me a nice advantage for reduction to 2 less for JLs.

Captain America - Super Soldier keeps Gobby in check, Wasp helps against an Relentless for my opponent and Batman gives me some Life.

Flaws: This team is not fast, but it isnt ment to be this way. The only thing that could be dangerous are Overcrusher and Unblockable Characters. Also opponents gladly take the big entrance.

I was thinking about taking in John Stewart(gain 1 life per fielded Villain die) for Wasp , but he is 4 cost thats it, but i could also use his version with +1A+1D for every villain in the field.
Also Hal Jordan (when fielded deal his Attack to a villain) would be nice as an Removal since he has a TFC of 3 and 4,5,6 damage but i dont know what to take out for him?!? :S

How is the team gonna be played:

1. Buy Big Entrance.
2. Buy Aquaman maybe cheap and Mary Jane if possible.
3. Field Aquaman-> Buy Cyborg or Wonder Woman or Zatanna cheaper.
rest is, bring in Batman and hold wonder woman, batman and cyborg alive. Attack with another Cyborg, zatannas and Aquaman for dmg. If they bring Venom Angelo Fortunato, thank them in advance before the match starts^^.
Next one is the villain team:

I changed it a lot and wanted to make it playable.

Well Ramp from Villainious Pact.

WinCon: BlackManta and Mister Sinister Global. Second WinCOn can be Sinestro as unblockable, as also Lyssa Drak bleed them out with Cheetah.


I am still not convinced how to play with this team good.

I know Sinestro Corps Leader would be a better Choice, but i traded him away a long time ago..... . :,(

So Sabretooth and Grundy are helping with the Hulk Dilemma/Problem part wise.

What i am unsure is, if Distraction is good here, or if Transfer Power would do a better Job with all the shields?
Also Cheetah and Sinestro can be good, but i am failing to find good Replacements... .
Maybe Deathstroke for direct Damage?

Thanks in advance!