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Thread: More ASM quality control issues

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    More ASM quality control issues

    My buddy just opened a starter I sent him and it was missing 4 basic actions.

    My collector's box had the same issue, but had the promo so I didn't sweat it too bad. Luckily it was a different 4 BACs so I can give my friend the ones he's missing (my starter had them all). One of my starter Spider-Man cards, however, had major damage to the back as it was apparently stuck badly to another card.

    How is it that we're this far along in the game's life and the quality control is actually getting worse?

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    They had a distribution issue, even US stores were limited in quantity. Someone posted that the reprint will be coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerzy View Post
    Not quite the same issue but Australia just got ASM last week. MY FLGS ordered in 8 feeds. We went through those within 2 days, saving 1 feed for draft.

    When the store wanted to order more they were told that they're out of stock. Not the distributor but Wizkids themselves are out of it.

    WOL was fine so it doesn't quite make sense why ASM has this issue.
    My best guess is there are many more people interested in Spider-Man than Green Lanterns, and Wizkids probably can't afford to speculate on IP as much as previous sales? Therefore, they couldn't produce much more than they did for WOL, and again, of course Spider-Man will most likely have a higher demand.

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    Hey Guys i want to point out that Wizkids DOES HAVE a product replacement system in place. This should be a away to get those missing Basic Action Cards replaced.

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