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Thread: War of Light Christmas Edition!

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    Is it only christmas because of the Colours?^^ In different countries it would be look different^^.

    Where is Santa Grundy and the OWL-DEER-BEAR ?

    But i like the Team. Looks strong and has a good punch out with Glassballs from the Tree!

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    Here's the Christmas team I put together:

    Hmmm, AoU and ASM don't seem to be set up for colon codes, so here's a link:;7060-3;

    Deadman and Supergirl because they are the two characters from a classic Christmas story that's a favorite of mine.
    Phoenix and Drax because their dice are green on red and red on green.
    Captain Marvel - Maj. Carol Danvers because Carol (and unlike Carol Ferris, the Captain Marvel die fits the intended color scheme.)
    I was tempted to put Lex Luthor - Greed on the team (to reflect the true spirit of the season ) but that didn't fit the color scheme, so I compromised and used one of Lex's Justice League cards.
    The other two characters were just because, but the BACs Big Entrance and Back for Seconds were chosen because I thought their names were at least a little Christmas-y.

    I ran this team at a local weekly event and went 3-1 (somewhat surprised to do that well with a theme team). To be fair, a couple of my opponents in my victories had terrible luck with their rolls during those games.

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