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Thread: I built a team around Bucky

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    I built a team around Bucky

    I like to try to create viable teams from subpar cards. Behold: Cap's Stealthy Sidekick!

    Win con- Bucky+Stealth Ops+Fists for the Anger Issues global (or the action itself). Stealth Ops puts Bucky on his ability side, boost his attack with a bunch of fists, and double it for massive unblockable damage.

    Kobolds- ramp and fists
    Doomcaliber- Distraction wrecks this team
    Red Dragon- a little damage and gets me Stealth Ops dirt cheap
    Elf Wizard- can help get actions cheaper and then prep them the turn I buy them
    Constantine- shields to buy Bucky if needed, use him to field Bucky for free saving me fists
    Beast- minor aggro life gain if needed, otherwise, cheap fists
    Wasp- Stop using PXG!

    I know Wasp should be my own PXG to get Bucky faster, but I just don't like using it. I like to find ways around it. Beast is debatable and should be Tsarina, but I don't like using her either. Mera could cause some issues.

    I'm a casual player. I'm not going to Nationals. I just like to build teams.

    Thoughts? Ideas?
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    "I built a team around Bucky" made me laugh.
    I really like the super rare Black Canary as pretty cheap fists with great stats (see guy gardner) and relentless but just for you.
    Could go in for Beast. Not sure if you want to give up a 2 cost for a three cost, but if you don't you could go common ultron drone

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    Paladin would work against Distraction, but not Mera. Distraction targets the character, but Mera just says if a character deals you 5 or more, it becomes 2. It doesn't actually target Bucky. Plus, I would have to buy and field the Paladin, taking up resources I need in other areas. I know that I have to buy Z-Mags, too, but only if Mera's out there.

    I also would probably not put Wasp back in anyway- my opponent used it to KO my fielded Kobold a couple times, ruining my ramp.

    Thanks for the idea!
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    "while active, your characters can not be affected by global abilities used by your opponent." this to me means your chars cant be affected by mera's global, seeing as mera's global affects bucky directly, lowering his damage. thats how i read it at least, i could be wrong. and yea i like doom cal having the ability on the global, but it is only useable when you attack, which could allow your opponent opportunities before the attack step.

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    "Damage" isn't a stat on a character. "Attack" is, and Mera doesn't lower that stat.

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