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    Well there are several online outlets to do this sort of tracking. Almost all of the apps allow you to search for characters by cost. I am intrigued to see what exactly are you searching for and how you intend to use the information. I have been diligently working on implementing Fielding Cost, Attack, and Defense for all of the dice in my own iOS app.

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    To give context to individual cards. 3 cost cards are a good example. Compare stats between
    Giant-man 1/1. 4/4. 7/7
    lizard 2/1. 5/1. 6/3
    goblin attack force 4/1. 6/1. 7/1
    Scarlet spider. 3/3. 4/3. 6/3

    These would all come out as the high end of the A stat range for a 3 cost. But what is the average? Do these stats make up for vanilla abilities or negative ones? If we knew the average D of a 3 cost then we could determine how low on the scale some of these fall.

    I have the transition Zone app (Sorry, android) and I can sort through fairly quickly and get a rough idea, but it would be nice to look at a card and determine whether i'm getting value because I can look up the green goblins stats are good on level 2 because I use the Outsider bac.

    Also, if you want create custom cards it gives you an idea whether you've gotten too crazy stat+ability vs. Purchase\fielding cost.

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