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Thread: Classic Legion of Doom? Best OP ever.

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    Classic Legion of Doom? Best OP ever.

    Page for it here.

    Love the art. Love the characters. Hype.

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    I like this trend of using 1 Existing card giving us a Full Art version, and then 2 new cards. Like they did with TI and TT.

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    Ummm... Does Scarecrow say "while active you cannot be attacked by characters of cost 2 or less"?

    Hello Guy Gardner teams, how's the counter feel (assuming he doesn't cost 5+)

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    It does say "event 1". I wonder if that means we'll get an "event 2" where Grundy gets pants too? Maybe some Brainiac and Cheetah action?

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    Old fashioned brainiac art would be awesome. Maybe a better card than his existing rarities? I like they idea of OP cards being new cards, maybe in the range of 1-4 for cost so they might actually be relevant.

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