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Thread: Manticore: Greater Beast

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    Still just 1, while active ability does not stack unless the card specifically calls out that it does (and I'm not able to think of any currently that do say that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by colwarden View Post
    Hey thanks guys! This will sound like a dumb question, but I recently played a game on Vassal in which my opponent stacked his Vicious Struggle action dice. So....if he uses a global and I have the rare Wasp, do I take one damage, or two? Thanks!
    You would take two damage.

    "While active" effects don't stack because they are Boolean. Either the character is active or it isn't. Triggered abilities like Vicious Struggle or Blessing can be triggered multiple times and will create multiple instances of a passive effect. In the case of Vicious Struggle, that effect is damage and each instance of Vicious Struggle that is active will deal you mirrored damage. With two Vicious Struggles having been used, that makes for two damage for every one the player receives.

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