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    You have a few cards that one my deck has (Quite Smashing). I can help with this.

    Do you have millennium puzzle? Works great if you plan on buying the Super Rare Dragon in a game. Double removal son. Expensive but f-ing fun.

    Also, Im not sure what guy gardner or Miri Riam do for you on this build. Makes sense with Big Entrance but you arent really going to buy too many guys or Miris. They'll just fumbling in your bag as energy which adds a problem when you need that certain die. I can see this card working for you Adds energy AND possible ramp. Fun to use. Plus works for the Red Dragon Breath Effect.

    What is needed is a second alternate win condition. A card I added was Martian Man Hunter. Good attack strength, 5 cost and has overcrush. Pretty decent. Works well with Human Paladin. DoomCaliber I can understand but once Human Paladin is out you do not have to worry about Distraction or Transfer Power. It's a global sure but they cant use that against you.

    So far this looks good. I can see Doom Caliber Knight working here if you arent getting Human Paladin out.

    Those kobolds also can pump up a few of your characters using Mainly the Martian Man Hunter and Purple Worm.

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    something like that look better? toad is there to counter quick rush teams like gg blinding rage. (only thing i could think of that i own, i want to be able to counter the meta teams im going to encounter.or make a gg rush team of my own that works.) or without big entrance do i need to bring more ramp then just kobolds? i can trade toad for pxg but then i dont see a good way to counter rush teams. or should i rely on my opponent bringing something like big entrance or pxg, and just relying on kobolds if they didn't bring any ramp i can exploit? (i put in poly for big entrance because the strategy for the team shifted from a quick guy gardner rush to going for purple worm win condition asap.)
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    It really depends on what type of player you are. I'm the one who plays slowly and controls the match. I've tried to create rush teams and it just didnt fit me.

    You ramp with Resurrection and Kobolds. Usually 8 out of 10 times when its in constructed the opponent will have professor x OR Blue Eyes.

    Blinding rage? You can use Mera but that works against you with an Overcrush team. Your own Transfer Power works too but that can go against you. If I knew what you were working with (cards) I could help.

    I usually just bring Constantine when it comes to rush decks. Saved my butt a bunch of times.

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    i unfortunately dont have constantine. i have a good sized collection. all the starters, except ygo. and a good amount of boosters from all the sets, except i have little JL/WoL and no avx ... but if the card isnt too rare i can always purchase on trollandtoad or someplace like it so suggest away lol. I need a card basically to replace toad that will counter or at least keep me alive long enough against quick rush teams.
    that being said i love control game style, slowing the game down till i can pull off my own strat.

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    A good control that I've used since she came out is Wasp - Founding Avenger. I was a heavy Jinzo user so I switched up.

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    after some thought this is what i came up with.
    the last spot is empty still and has some options. the viable ones i own that i can think of are
    batman bruce wayne of earth
    elf wizard lesser harper
    psylocke kwannon the assassin
    umber hulk paragon beast
    wasp founding avenger
    doomcaliber knight fiendish fighter/skeletal warrior

    again trying to find the card thats gonna help me the most against meta teams. hada give up anger issues for shield but shield answered a lot of my problems. if you have any other suggestions i dont mind buying single cards so long as they arent super expensive like tsarina or constantine lol.
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    Id go with Elf Wizard and Wasp. The Elf can just prep those action dice (spray and Millennium Puzzle) while Wasp can sit on the field and slow down the game.

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