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Thread: Awesome Christmas presents: Dice Masters Edition

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    Awesome Christmas presents: Dice Masters Edition

    Anyone get any cool things this year so far?

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    My wife got me my first ever official full-sized Playmat!

    And I *almost* got enough money to cover what I've spent on DiceMasters in the last few months O:-)

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    I got a few packs but nothing great, was hoping for a bit more

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    My kids got me about 20 backs. Pulled 5 Rares and some dice I needed for ASM so it was nice.

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    My sister got me 4 packs of ASM which I pulled a rare MJ and rare Blink out of. Wasn't a lot and I already had those rares, but I was surprised she knew I was into the game. She also got me some comics. She did good.

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    Well, definitely! I got some packs in my stocking (pulled some pretty neat cards; 2 rares in 6 packs, with some absolutely awesome uncommons I was looking for). Was really neat.

    The real treat, though, was finding out that my FLGS was doing a boxing day special that allowed me to get a ton and a half of singles for approximately 25% off. I got some great, GREAT cards out of this.

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    I got one of these in black:

    I love it. Fits 20 Character Dice, 8 Sidekick Dice, and 12 Basic Action Dice in the top. Cards and Dice Bag in the bottom.

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    I got myself a UXM collectors box ... that is pretty awesome

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