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Thread: Board game haul:Christmas Edition

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    Board game haul:Christmas Edition

    So what did Santa bring you this year?

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    Specter Ops!

    (Also $75 worth of Gift Certificates to a FLGS)

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    Runewars: Revised Edition
    and already played once.

    Now i need the german expansion and its out of print. Next chirstmas then... ^^'

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    Too many things:

    Roll for the Galaxy
    Haunted House on the Hill
    Star Wars Risk
    Return to Hoth and associated Imperial Assault Wave Figures
    Spider-man ASM packs
    Red Dragon Inn 2

    I think that's all of them.

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    I got my wife one of the few Alea Big Box games we are still missing (Fifth Avenue). Other than that, we tend to buy games whenever rather than save them for Christmas

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