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Thread: Alternate card sets on Vassal!

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    Alternate card sets on Vassal!

    Has anybody else checked out the alternate card sets on Vassal? There has been some AWESOME work done there! The Dark Souls expansion was done by Necromanticer, and it is very cool!
    The CC expansion looks awesome as well, but some of the full art cards with white on grey lettering are simply unreadable. I tried blowing them up, and even made one image my background screen, but alas, to no avail (check out Optimus Prime, for example). Does anyone have access to a card list with descriptions for this set (the rest of them -- and there are a few really cool surprises that I won't spoil here -- are all pretty easy to read).
    If anybody wants to play a Dark Souls game, or any of the other sets (again, no spoilers here), let me know!
    P.S. and thanks to all the intrepid souls who patiently answer my rules questions -- you've been amazing!

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    I gathered these cards from around the Internet and asked for submissions as well. There have been way too many to keep up with this, so I published how you can make them yourself to share. Alas, there was an incident that involved creating custom cards for an event that saw the continuation of creating custom community cards module extension come to an end by myself. Wizkids at the moment tolerates the Vassal Module and Set Extensions; no need to push them into wanting it removed and done away with. The idea of Vassal is to teach people how to play and get them interested in the hobby, not to replace purchasing physical cards or rolling real dice.

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