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Thread: Hi All, been gone from Dice Masters for a while, what's new?

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    Hi All, been gone from Dice Masters for a while, what's new?

    Hi, I stopped following Dice Masters right before Age of Ultron came out. I recently decided to play again, and I found that Age of Ultron, War of Light, and Amazing Spider-man have all come out and I'm a bit bewildered. Could someone please give me a quick run-down of how the new sets are (both constructed and sealed-wise) and also how the meta game has been going since Age of Ultron? Thanks!

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    A very brief summary:
    Giantman- a 3 cost vanilla avenger with perhaps the best stats in the game? 7/7

    Wasp - opponents have to take 1 damage to play globals. Also a 3 cost. Most control teams go with this or jinzo or both.

    Zombie magneto- blanks 3 cost and below cards of their abilities. Another counter.

    Hulk out - 2 cost overcrush Bac. 'Muffin said

    Ultron drone- has a global that let's you pick who blocks your attacker. Good with ^ or for removing someone from your opponents field.

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    Very fun inset. Affiliation (lantern colors) affect most abilities heavily.

    Big entrance- the new hotness. A BAC that makes everything 1 cheaper to purchase and they go directly in your bag that turn. Gives you a viable way to weenie rush into a one turn kill. Especially with guy Gardner and miri riam, but also popular with Tsarina.

    Guy gardner/ miri riam- 2 cost characters. Guy must attack and gets a bonus for every attacker. This makes him big fast.
    Miri let's you pull another character from your used when fielded. Adding another attacker. So guy gets bigger.

    Rare lantern ring - each attacker gains the ability to do one direct damage when it declares to attack for each energy symbol matching it's type in your reserve pool. So two attacking mask characters would do 3 damage each if you have 3 masks in your reserve pool just for declaring them as attackers. This damage can add up fast and has made everyone consider having a way to remove actions from the field.

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    Added sacrifice. Let's you send a character to the used pile to gain a benefit.
    Added underdog keyword. Gives you a bonus for your opponent having more characters fielded than you.

    Vulture- if a character leaves the field he gets +4/+4. See guy. Big fast.

    Silver sable-sacrifice to make a character unblockable. Seems to work good with ^.

    Mj- can give someone overcrush. A hulk out you can block with.

    Blink- let's you ko a an action. See lantern ring.

    The rest has yet to be figured out.

    The trend is higher fielding costs and counters to earlier power cards.

    The meta has moved to early aggression or those who want to counter/control that.

    Also actions continue to move into relevance as well as a move towards cost reduction / ramp as an alternative to PXG.

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