A friend and I have been working on this format for a little while. It was born from the idea that many cards were being skipped over either because they were missing that one card that unlocked it's potential or that card was another version of that character.

So we went with the team up theme from the comics. The goal is to construct your team with as few unique characters on your team as possible while utilizing different versions of them. The sweet spot seems to be 2 characters with sometimes a 3rd with 1 card.

There a few rules.

1. The player with the fewest unique characters goes 1st.
2. No gobby, Tsarina. Hellblazer, zombie magneto.
3. Dice distribution for a character from a single set:
* 1 card-1 dice
* 2 cards-4 dice
* 3 vards-6 dice
* 4 cards -8 dice
4. If both players have the same # of characters (storm from uxm and avx both count as 1 character for this. All the black widows or wolverines would be 1 each). Then we go to an auction to decide who goes first. We use dice. Player 1 can say he will play with 2 less dice. If player 2 is willing to go with 3 less he may go first. The players must keep 1 dice per card though.

That's pretty much it. We still play with 8 cards and 20 life, but that is subjective. Also you may change it up if you don't have lots of extra dice.

As an example, I've been playing with Punisher and Prof x (3 avx +2uxm) along with big entrance and either resurrection or arch nemesis. I had never used a Punisher besides mcrook but combine it with vigilante and it gets fun!