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Thread: Article: 2015 Year in Review: Your Favorite Blog Posts

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    Since I started reading the posts here several months ago I haven't read a single article that I didn't get something out of. Please accept my sincerest compliments and thanks. (This is the only gaming forum I've actually joined to be part of the conversation, you have me hooked.) My absolute favorite article was "Starting Ideas: A Deck For Everyone" by Shadowmeld (10-22-15). I particularly enjoy pieces about how the meta is building and changing, favorite cards and strategies, and articles about how to play this game on a limited budget. So, anything about common and uncommon cards, game changing BACs, or just fun themes are the things that keep me coming back for more.

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    I've been missing writing the articles... Maybe I'll start the new year off right and bring them back? I guess we'll find out Monday...

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