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Thread: 15 Things at the End of 2015

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    15 Things at the End of 2015

    At the close of 2015, I want to list 15 things I like, enjoy, appreciate, and anticipate in this great Dice Masters game and community.

    1. I am glad we have this game. It is a lot of fun and very accessible for all sorts of gamers, including those who are into the high level competative scene and those like me who just want to have fun playing with friends and family. Thanks Wizkids for producing it.

    2. I am glad we have so much variety in this game. Marvel, DC, Dungeons & Dragons, Yugioh and more to follow. There is something that strikes the fancy of almost every "geek" out there.

    3. I appreciate the effort Wizkids is making to improve the game. From dice quality to rules clarifications and consistency, the game keeps better. Keep up the good work.

    4. I enjoy seeing the creative things people have made to supplement this game. Custom dice bags and playmats always warrant a look from me. I'm always impressed by the creativity found in this little community.

    5. My favorite officially produced accessory are the Dice Bags. To my knowledge, Wizkids has only made a UXM and War of Light bag. I hope they make more.

    6. I really should stop buying official playmats, but they keep getting better. Amazing Spider-Man Playmat looks, well, amazing. If they keep making cool looking playmats, I'll keep buying them, even though I don't need them.

    7. I miss Dave, Evan, and Katie on the Reserve Pool podcast. Especially Dave. I hope they come back in 2016.

    8. Even though I miss the original TRP crew, I am very glad we have Shadowmeld and IsaacBV to keep the podcast going.

    9. I love being a TO at my local game shop. I'm not the most knowledgeable or skilled player, but I get to organize for a great group of people a couple of times each month. I'm looking forward to a great 2016 in my FLGS.

    10. The Online Rules Forum is getting better and better. I hope to see more rulings clarifications (and the need for fewer rulings as wording and terms become better defined and more consistent).

    11. I really hope the upcoming Worlds Finest set has a standout Batman card. We have some decent ones, but I want a great one.

    12. I hope we see more second and even third tier characters from the Marvel and DC universes. And more affiliations. And more characters to flesh out existing affiliations that need more characters like the Teen Titans and Fantastic Four.

    13. I think we have the set themes scheduled to be released in the first half of 2016 spoiled for us. I'm excited for Civil War and World's Finest. And even though I'm not a big D&D player, I'm looking forward to seeing what it will have. I'm even more excited about what else might be coming. I may be in the cult of the new, but I don't care. More Dice Masters is good for me.

    14. I like the direction OP prizes are going. Thematic cards that are fun but not meta shifting and alt-art cards are great for OPs.

    15. I hope The Reserve Pool keeps getting better and our community keeps growing.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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    Love this post. Thanks for taking the time to make this list!

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    Well, to one of your points, we'll be getting five different dice bags with TMNT, which kind of annoys me, lol (but not for a real/serious reason)...

    Just because when I first started playing DM I got a couple TMNT dice bags from Etsy, and almost even made that the theme of my custom mat and not my Wu-Tang mat, instead. I since gave one bag to a kid at my local store because he was using a starter set bag and I obviously liked one bag more than the other, by virtue of them being two different things, and it wasn't like the other bag was going to any other use.

    Anyway, there will be a bag for each of the four turtles specifically, plus a general "TMNT" bag, so now it's just gonna look like I'm too cheap to buy the official bag, so I made my own, like the kid in school whose mom sewed all of their own clothing instead of buying it at the store, lol. But seriously, I do like my bag as it's in the fun style of the original TMNT cartoon from the late 80s/early 90s, which I doubt the Wizkids bags will be, but depending, I might have to pick up one or two of the individual Turtle bags for Raphael at least.

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