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Thread: DND plus Yugioh: monsters

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    In the Yu-Gi-Oh set, "Monster" was the word used for "Character" in order to add flavor. For game purposes, references to "Monster" on cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh set are strictly meant as saying "Character" and do not refer to the Monster Affiliation from D&D.

    Speaking of which, the Monster Affiliation from D&D only refers to characters with the Monster Banner. You can find the banner in the D&D Rulebook, it's the black banner with the three red claw marks. It's this affiliation that Adventurers and all effects referencing Monster from the D&D set are referring to. There is no overlap between the "Monsters" of Yu-Gi-Oh and the true Monsters of D&D. Yu-Gi-Oh has characters called "Monsters", D&D has the real Monsters.

    This is similar to how the D&D set calls Sidekicks "NPC's," except that "NPC" is not as general a term and hasn't shown up in any other sets.

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