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Thread: Red dragon epic ability trigger

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    Red dragon epic ability trigger

    Just curious how do you guys rule on red dragon epic double action die ability vs doom caliber Knight skeletal warrior.

    Scenario: I have red dragon epic dragon on the field and my opponent has doom caliber Knight skeletal warrior. I use the transfer power die.

    Does my opponents skeletal warrior cancel effect prevent my red dragon to not get to copy of the action die effect. Or does timing matter in this situation since two effects r technically in play at the same time therefore the active player decides sequence. Or does the cancel effect not even matter since red dragons ability only states you have to use a action die ability, not use it successfully.


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    I would say that DCK cancels the first one but your dragon gives you a second that does not get effected.

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    It is the effect being cancelled, not the use. AS such, the action die is still considered used, proccing all effects that interact with using an action die. This includes Red Dragon - Legendary Dragon, so you would get to use it's effect (provided it was the first action you used that turn).

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