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Thread: PDC Event - Madison WI

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    PDC Event - Madison WI

    Let the games begin!

    Pegasus Games - Madison WI
    Pegasus Games will be hosting it's PDC event on Saturday January 16th at 11:00 AM.

    Registration / Check in begins at 10:30 and the first round kicks off at 11:00. Please sign up on the wizkids event system so we know to expect you but you are free to join at the event!

    WES Link

    Pegasus is one of the main board game shops in Madison, WI. You can find information about the store at their website. Pegasus is one of three shops in Madison to hold regular Dicemasters events. Pegasus hosts them every other Sunday around lunch time. The store is full of fun board games, card games and miniatures and has a huge gaming space in the "playground" next door. Pegasus has been a long time supporter of local gaming groups and the continue to do so but hosting the Madison Metro area Dice Masters PDC event.

    Event details:
    To register for the event please sign up on the wizkids event system.
    The event will run swiss rounds dependant on the number of players and then add a Top Cut to finish it off.
    When you arrive please purchase 5 dice masters packs (any of your choice) at the counter and then bring them over to the game center. They will be added to the prize pool for the day and act as your "registration fee". We will have several door prizes each round we will select one winner at random from that round to receive a home-made dice bag. We'll also have several heroclix life counters to give away as prizes along with the traditional PDC prize kit.

    Packs will be paid out at the end of the tournament. Example:

    8 players enter creating a 40 pack prize pool:
    1st - 14 packs
    2nd - 8 packs
    3rd - 5 packs
    4th - 5 packs
    5th - 2 packs
    6th - 2 packs
    7th - 2 packs
    8th - 2 packs

    Hope to see lots of players there we have 9 preregistered so far ! Feel free to contact me on here via PM with any questions

    Does the store sell Dice Masters singles? No. The store doesn't have a singles market.

    Does the store use the WizKids Event System? Yes

    Does the store have a snack bar? Yes some snacks and drinks are available but this is via a cash only system!

    Does the store have a public washroom? In working order? Yes and yes.

    Is there anywhere to eat nearby? There are limited walkable locations but a ton that are just a few blocks away. I mean walkable in the winter cold that is Wisconsin!

    Is it accessible by public transit? The Madison metro bus system is really good you can definitely get there via public transit and a few blocks of walking.

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    What are you doing this weekend?

    Hopefully coming out to Madison for the PDC Store Championship of the ages!

    Hope to see you there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KennedyHawk View Post
    17 Players first round kicked off (also 5 kids playing the back )
    Event concluded around 5 PM.

    Gabe was in 1st and Jay in 2nd.

    Congrats to all and thanks for coming out!

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