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Thread: WKO - Lacey, WA

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    WKO - Lacey, WA

    Just looking to see who all from here is planning on coming. I know of @Indy Mon , @RainCityJenna , and @pishposh . Anyone else?

    Personally, I can't wait!

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    Our whole clan will be there. I honestly don't know our south contingents usernames. But Charlie, Juan, Dylan and Jacob are all flying in.

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    I'm only a month into the game but enjoying it. I was the 47th person to register for the event, know of at least five others coming up from the Portland (Sherwood/Newberg/?) area to play. Looking forward to meeting more people, playing different Meta I haven't had chance to run against locally.

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    I am making the trip up as well! I look forward to a day of meeting new people and enjoying the hobby.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing all of you! I'm in Portland where there are 4 different places to play but all on days that I work

    BTW there is a "Dice Masters of the Greater Portland Area" FB group you should join

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    I am excited to say that my friend Ben and I are driving from Idaho to participate. It's my first event, so I don't know what to expect except an awesome time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavius View Post
    I am excited to say that my friend Ben and I are driving from Idaho to participate. It's my first event, so I don't know what to expect except an awesome time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mellingera View Post
    Looking forward to making the trip up from Sherwood as well!
    Can't wait to meet you two!

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    Same hear. I saw you've posted a comment or two on my blog posts. Much appreciated.

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    I'll be wearing a brown T-shirt with dinosaurs on it. Can't wait. We're going to disc golf in the morning so it's going to be a long and awesome day.

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    It was great meeting everyone today! Big props to the TO's, Judges, and employees of Olympic Cards and Comics. Top notch job.

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    It was a great day! Thanks to all the players for being great sports and for helping the logistics of the day go off without a hitch! Six Swiss rounds and 15 full draft pods--crazy but fun day!

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    Had an awesome day, went 2-4, everyone was great and I got some great trades to boot! Met a lot of awesome people and the experience alone was worth it! (I also passed out some of my poorly printed business cards, so I got to network a bit too!)

    I did have a question about participation prizes though - I checked the Wizkids Event System and no one is currently registered for the event itself - will we be put into the system so that Wizkids can mail us the participation prizes? Or how will that work?

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    It really was a fantastic day. A big thanks to Gabi and the crew at Olympic Cards and Comics, they really did an amazing job hosting. Also a big thank you to everyone in attendance. To have so many players in one place and not have a clash of personalities was a great experience. Also a big thanks to the people who flew in from all over to help foster the community, you are all awesome!

    Only one actual issue just at the end of the event, the missing War of Light Playmat for PK2317 to still track down. PK, if the Playmat doesn't show up let me know and I can help with a replacement

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    I'll be personally inputting the results into Wes later this week.

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    Yeah, if anyone accidentally picked up a War of Light playmat by mistake please let me know. It was a Christmas present from my wife. I'm sure someone just saw it folded up on the table next to their stuff and assumed it was theirs.

    Aside from that, the day was 100% awesome. The store was incredible, the staff was amazing (I'm including Indy and Jenna as TOs), and everybody was awesome. My wife even drafted with me and now she wants to play more often, so really I won overall

    I'll be making a write-up soon but it was the best event I've been to.

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    I have it PK. It is identical to my friend Ben's matt, so he probably stuck it in my bag because he thought it was his. PM yr address and I will get that in the mail for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavius View Post
    I have it PK. It is identical to my friend Ben's matt, so he probably stuck it in my bag because he thought it was his. PM yr address and I will get that in the mail for you.
    Yayayay! I knew that's what had to have happened.

    Separately, here's a video from the guy I played first round:

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    Great day, great event, great people, great location had a blast. Props to everyone who journeyed for the day but especially the Atlanta contingent.

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    Great to meet everyone. Had a great time at the event and looking forward to the next dice masters gathering already. Now to recover from the red eye home.

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    By far one of the most fun events I’ve had the pleasure of running. It was busy, it was hectic, but also really rewarding. I did my best to make sure things keep running smoothly, and that everyone was having a great time.

    I can say with out a doubt that the event wouldn’t have been even close to as successful without Chris by my side as CO-TO and the staff at OCC. Huge shout out to Gabi the owner of OCC and to Jordan, her employee helping upstairs with both the main event and side events. Both of these people were AMAZING and a bit part in why this was as successful as it was.

    I was also incredibly fortunate to be able to meet and spend time with my east coast part of our clan. You guys made my weekend, and I really hope to see you all soon.

    On top of all that, everyone that came to participate in the event were phenomenal players and such great sports, win or lose, everyone seemed to have an amazing time. Huge should out to Paul ( pk2317) on The Reserve Pool for helping me out with streaming parts of the event and for being such a great friend and support to me, you are an amazing man and it was such a pleasure being able to meet you and your wife. I hope that this will not be the last time.

    All in all, the event went off without a single hitch.

    For the logistics of the event:

    We had 56 players in our main event, which meant we did 6 single game Swiss rounds followed by a cut to top 8 best of three rounds.

    Roughly 30 minutes after all the main event players were seated, we had our first pod of 8 players ready to rainbow draft. Once the second round of the main event finished, we had two rainbow drafts running concurrently, after the third round, and over the lunch break, we were up to three drafts. At that point, that was all I was able to manage alone. Each time a rainbow draft would finish, we had another ready to go.

    Over the course of the night, we had completed a total of 16 rainbow drafts and handed out every single promo. Of the 16 drafts, 14 were Faerūn Under Siege and 2 War of Light.

    We handed out all prizes randomly. I would take 4 Batmobile and 4 Iron fists for each pod, fan the cards out and allow all players to choose a card from that pod once they had finished their game, the winner would then choose a single card from the winners prizes by picking one from the stack of cards fanned in front of them.

    How I ran the rainbow drafts to ensure we could run as many events as possible and as smoothly as possible.

    1- Have a sign up sheet ready with numbers 1-8. Numbers 1-4 in a column, and 5-8 next to that in another column. Once the sheet was full, players were seated as they wish at an empty table.

    2- Have players vote on a set to draft.

    3- Have available mobile POS system to take payments at the table/5s for change in the event the players were paying cash.

    4- Distribute packs and explain the drafting process to everyone. It gets redundant after awhile, BUT, never assume everyone knows how to draft, or even knows the rules of the store you are at.

    According to the Wizkids drafting rules, and my experience with having been in probably a hundred drafts.

    -Open all packs and place all dice in the center, have your two stacks of 12 cards ready to draft.

    At this point, i always make sure to explain to the table that not everyone may know the set well, or be experienced, so to avoid mistakes, ALWAYS only draft one card and then wait for everyone to be at the same amount of cards draft, meaning, make sure everyone has drafted 1 before you pass your pack. Having a back log of stacks of cards to draft from can make people feel really nervous or bad about being behind, this also almost always creates a situation where mistakes can happen.

    -Draft the first stack by selecting a card and passing it to the right or left. Once you have drafted a card, place that card face down. You may not look at your drafted cards between stacks of 12 cards.

    -Once you have drafted all 12 cards, rinse and repeat with the other stack, but going in the opposite direction.

    -Once all 24 cards have been drafted, select all dice from the center of the table matching your drafted cards (1 matching die for each card drafted)

    -Create your team and sit across from your paired partner.

    5- To keep things simple for the pairings, I simply assigned the seats based on registration. 1 with 5, 2 with 6, 3 with 7 and 4 with 8. This also just allowed me to circle the winner from each pairing, which made it easy for entering in winners VS losers.

    6- Start your 30 minute timer once all your players are ready to go, and let them start.

    7- Once the games were finished, they would tell me who won or lost and I would then pass out the promos to those players while we waiting for others to finish. This kept large crowds from gathering all at once to collect prizes. Once the players had collected their prizes, they were free to register for another rainbow draft pod.

    All in all, this kept things going smooth for me, and the players were able to get more games in, which in turn made them happy, which made my job easier.

    Hopefully this information helps anyone running a larger event.

    What I have learned from running my first ever large event, wear sensible shoes. My pinky toes are still numb… 13 hours on your feet will do that I suppose.

    So again, thank you to everyone that participated, congratulations to you all, it was such a pleasure to be able to share this experience with you, and hopefully it was a good one for everyone that attended.

    With much love,


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