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Thread: 100 Best Dice

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    100 Best Dice

    Pretend you could only own 100 dice for your collection. For this exercise you can have all cards that go with the selected dice ignoring rarity. What 100 would you select?

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    Broad question, but I'm bored..
    Prof x *1, black widow, hulk, wolverine silver sable, green goblin, blue-eyes white dragon *1, guy gardner, lantern ring, constantine, jinzo, lyssa drak, zmagneto*1, red dragon *1, storm, mary jane, kobold, human paladin,Morphing jar, iron fist, vulture, Solomon grundy, Millenium Puzzle *1, human torch, beast,nick fury, iceman, black manta, ultron drone.

    Honorable mention or could go in place of last 2:
    Miri riam , halfling thief, spiderman avx, doom caliber knight.

    Others can now nitpick my list

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