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Thread: Article: The More You Know Vol. 5

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    Article: The More You Know Vol. 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeBrew View Post
    These brewing discussions (?) are exactly why I read and joined TRP. I've been thinking about using this Black Manta with Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes, Deathstroke Weapons Master, and (insert other cheap villains here). The first time my opponent used this Black Manta on me it stung a lot. Retaliation was new and I just hadn't prepared for it.
    Those are good. Add BEWD rare to KO a Villain on your side to trigger BM. retaliation. Make Ultron Drone one of your cheap villains and use its global to force your opponent's beatstick to block and KO your Cheetah common to get her direct damage on her fielding with Blue Beetle/Deathstroke , her attack, and when you trigger BM upon her death.

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