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    Dice Masters web content

    I haven't seen a generic thread for this sort of thing, even after searching various things for it so I figure I'd post this. If you have a channel you want added to the OP let me know and I'll check it out.

    Youtube WizKids Official - They're sorta important. The Reserve Pool - You're reading a thread on their site now. You should be familiar with these guys. - Retro-Matic Gamer, the loudest god damn intro music on Youtube. He reviews random cards. - Heroic Tactics, the main personality is Matt and he seems like a pretty cool dude. Some play testing, some tournament match uploads, and some box openings. Would like more tournament matches but that's just me. EpiphanyHobbies, after he's done showing you what he opens, he might give you a free exam. JoakimComicCenter, he plays Dice Masters and records it. I have a hard time understanding his accent though. Perplex Damage, is actually a local. He talks about Dice Masters and reviews movies...I think. His channel is a mess but it does have Dice Masters content. Hunter Alakai, he drafts. Would be cool to see how his drafts play out. TeamWizPro, two local dudes (that makes 3 local dudes) chatting about Dice Masters. Recorded in potatovision. Victory Condition Gaming. They have some Dice Masters content. DiceAnon, if not us, than who? Mark Southerland has some strategy videos.

    Twitch Heroic Tactics, same as the youtube channel. Victory Condition Gaming, I've seen them stream Dice Masters. Dice Masters 101, I'm usually busy on Thursdays so I have no clue if they're still active. Haven't seen them on in a while though. WizKids Official, It's official!

    Podcasts The Reserve Pool, this site produces cool content. Dice Anon is Dice Anon.

    Will try to keep this thread up to date.
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    Great job.

    There is also "From the Field Zone" the father and son YouTube series just starting off

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