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Thread: Modifying dice to make numbers and symbols easier to read

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    Modifying dice to make numbers and symbols easier to read

    Is there a rule against using markers or paint to enhance dice to make it easier to read the numbers and symbols on some dice? I have two Miri Riam dice that are pink with purple numbers and symbols, and two dice that are pink with pink numbers and symbols. I wanted to color in the numbers purple to match the two dice that are easier to read. I just want to make sure doing so won't get me dq'ed anywhere.

    Just to clarify, I'm talking about enhancing the stats on dice with markers to make it easier to read them, not changing the stats to different numbers. Thanks.

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    There has yet to be anything official about that level of modification. My suggestion is to try and collect dice that don't need it, and until then, in casual play, just ask your opponent before hand.

    For official events, I suggest using dice that are unmodified when possible.

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    I agree with Shadowmeld, but also if the dice have such variance in appearance certainly modifying one to look like another wouldn't be that noticeable. My only potential complaint is it might help you identify the die in the bag when pulling dice.

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    Or the added weight could throw off the dice rolls. Something I have heard in D&D groups.

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