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Thread: The Destination in Louisville, KY - 1/30/16 - The Thanos Imperative OP

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    The Destination in Louisville, KY - 1/30/16 - The Thanos Imperative OP

    On January 30th, The Destination in Louisville, KY will host The Thanos Imperative OP event! This will be a Rainbow Draft with the Age of Ultron set. There will, however, be a "wrinkle". Each round, the TO will draw a random "Infinity Gem". Each Gem will have a corresponding Global ability from other sets that all players will have access to for the round (as if the Global ability is on a card in play). Here is the list of Gems and abilities:

    Space - Pay 1 Shield. Choose an attacking character. It goes to the Used Pile if knocked out this turn. (Tarrasque - Battle for Faerun)

    Mind - Pay 1 Mask. Move up to 2 Sidekick dice from your Used Pile to your Prep Area. (Professor X - Uncanny X-Men)

    Power - Pay 1 Bolt and knock out one of your characters to reduce the cost of the next die you purchase by 2 energy. (Blue-Eyes White Dragon from YuGiOh Series 1)

    Soul - Pay 1 Fist. Target character must block this turn (if legal). (Goblin Attack Force - YuGiOh Series 1)

    Time - Pay 1 Energy. Reroll any number of your dice before your Attack step. (Parallax - War of Light)

    Reality - Once per turn, after your reroll, if you have at least one of each energy type in your Reserve Pool, gain 1 energy. (Black Lantern Batman and Superman - War of Light)

    The event will start at 12:30 PM, and the cost will be the purchase of twelve booster packs of Age of Ultron ($12 plus tax). It'll be interesting to see how the addition of the Infinity Gems and their Globals shake up this draft.

    Here is the WES link for the event:
    AND the Facebook link:

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    And here is the event picture... just because Thanos is cool:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love this idea!

    If I still attending local events (work schedule means I rarely can), I would totally love to play this.

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