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Thread: My DM deck box; opinions?

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    My DM deck box; opinions?

    OK, so me being cheap and all, i got stuff stores were going to throw away around me. Starbucks had these cool little boxes, i toyed with them, and came up with this:

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    I also had a BCW common box for a game i played long ago that crashed (well, sold and going to be reformatted)

    4 of these fit perfectly inside one of those boxes. They make a great deck storage useage AND they can double as a bag, just lay it flat, mouth up,shake it a bit, grab 4, done. They look pretty damn cool and i havent even colored them yet lol. Best part of this is: i didnt glue, no cuts, just put a box inside another, and yet again for the 4. So if i wanted to use the boxes for another purpose, i just have to take them out. This takes a total of 2 and a half minutes to do.

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    I really like the idea.

    Even when i dont see what you mean with "4 of these" what stands 4 for ? ^^ get it its a number word joke.

    Well could you make a picture from the inside of the box and the smaller boxes with dice or so?

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