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Thread: Dice Master price lists

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorW View Post
    Yeah, I mainly use the price list for evaluating the relative value of cards when trading. I know that you can usually buy stuff cheaper on eBay. But it isn't easy to use eBay to price individual cards if it isn't a super-rare.

    Thanks for the tip. I forgot about Troll and Toad.

    It would be great if there were a Dice Masters card database that also incorporated prices like there is for Magic.
    Friend used this one to search for card prices.

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    I normally average the last 5-10 *SOLD* eBay listings of said item individually. When it comes to individual, one on one type trading/selling, those are the prices that matter.

    Online gaming retailers are going to generally charge more more than you'll find it for on eBay, and so the prices averaged from the last 5-10 *SOLD* listings are much more indicative of reality.

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