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Thread: Value of blocking

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    dice that can block more than one blocker should never be undervalued...especially in draft.

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    The thing is you're playing a card for an ability that is easily negated. It would be a good ability to incidentally have, but it's not worth an increase in price for.

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    You would be surprised how much that extra price pays off.

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    The thing is the extra block is a thing your opponent gets to decide. They don't have to attack into it. They don't have to let you have an ability. Unless your opponent is super dumb you're paying extra and getting no text for the most part.

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    You're paying extra but making them change their plan, the no text isn't a big deal if it forces an aggro team to sit for a few turns. Especially if this means you have more time to build up your defense or push the attack in your favor.

    It's like bringing Gobby on a team, a lot of people will start purchasing and defending against what they assume is an inevitable Gobby burn attack. If you use him just to force your opponent to change up their plan he can be worth the cost.

    Personally with such a low defense I find DD to be less than stellar. OVercrush still jumps on him. I much prefer characters like Mr Fantastic SR who has high defense and multiblock abilities

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