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Thread: Archnemisis bac, ant man global vs defense buffs.

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    Archnemisis bac, ant man global vs defense buffs.

    I got some questions regarding the ASM BAC archnemisis global, the ant man global and some defense stat buffs.

    Scenario 1: my opponent blocks with mary jane 1A 3D. He has pepper potts fielded giving mj a +2D. So his mary jane blocker is 1A 5D. I Pay Shield to use archnemisis BAC Global which states, the target character D matches thier A, on maryjane. Does she now become 1A 1D or does she become 1A 3D.

    Scenario 2: Same as above except he has fielded Groot, we are groot giving all other fielded characters +3D. I use the global on mj, is she a 1A 1D or 1A 4D

    Scenario 3: I have Moondragon Heather Douglas fielded. She has teamwatch ability that buffs her D by 2 for every affiliated character i field on the current turn till end of turn. She on her level3 side with 4A 6D. I field 2 Rocket Racoons giving her a +4D buff. She now a 4A 10D. I attack with her and use the ant man global paying a fist to swap her A and D stats. Is she now a 10A 4D or 6A and 8 D.

    Sorry for the questions im just still not sure about what abilities that boost stats cantbe altered.

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    I think of the first two as auras and the third as a stat change, because Pepper and Groot have to be active but the Moondragon is created by a specific trigger in time. If Pepper or Groot were knocked out the bonus would go away, it doesn't matter what happens to the characters after they are fielded for Moondragon.
    So on the first two examples MJ still gets the boost from Pepper and Groot after the gobal is applied.
    For Moondragon, you can flip the stats. You couldn't flip the stats for MJ in the first two though.
    There's a WK rules forum on this specifically.

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    @CeeQue is exactly correct. WizKids uses "static" for effects that are constantly being processed ("aura" effects) and "applied" for one-time effects. Applied bonuses can be swapped with Ant-Man Global, Archnemesis, Transfer Power, etc. Static effects cannot be swapped and will continue to apply after the other stats swap.

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