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Thread: FL PDC experience thus far

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    FL PDC experience thus far

    I have attended thus far 2/3 of the FL PDC games. Got to meet Shadowmeld and many excellent and friendly players (though 2 1/2 hour drives aren't always fun). The locations were nice and the staff was very accommodating at both locations.

    St. Petersburg - Critical Hit Games

    A smaller turn out than everyone expected but still fun. This crowd was very aggro heavy (with the exception of Shadowmneld, myself, and another player) and I foolishly hadn't prepared for the Lantern Ring - Limited by your Imagination. I knew better, but atlas, what is done is done. Still didn't do too bad, got hit with a 1 - 2 win/loss ratio ( I believe we only had 3 rounds before the top 4). The cards used heavily reflected the 1 week meta on the internet for the PDC. Had to leave early (fortunately wasn't in the top 4) so I didn't see how the top 4 turned out.

    Tampa - Coliseum of Comics

    This location was a bit snug but still had room. Staff was on top of everything and had the rounds cycling faster than you could blink. We had a lot more people. Incredibly, the teams played were very diverse. This always makes me happy as there are many cards and not seeing the same 6 - 8 cards for every team is nice. Got to play Shadowmeld in the second round, though he beat me, it was a fun match. He is tricky, but still a great person to play. My final results were 2 - 2. My two losses were VERY close games, but I was just under the top 4. So I was able to head back home (2.5 hour drives are a pain, but worth it in these cases). Once again I failed to see how the top 4 went, but I imagine they were very good games.

    I have tweaked my team again and I feel it is ready for the final PDC here and hopefully the regionals in Orlando.

    My overall advice is to play the teams you want, but be mindful of the meta. Have answers for certain things that will turn the game into a 3 turn match. And of course enjoy yourself.

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    This is a great window into the events. Was glad you guys could make it down and really enjoyed our game, it was a nailbiter.

    The top fours you missed were really great, one of my games at Critical Hits was forced into a 3 round blitz and another at Coliseum came down to time in game three. I lost that last one due to the slownest of my control teams strategy but that is just a fact of life the control player must remember.

    Hope to see you guys at the next few events as well, and glad the drives will be a bit shorter for you guys this time. Hoping to see your side of the state get some events next season, if not sooner.

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    It was a nail biter. I love those kind of games. Yea, Time isn't always an ally to control types. I will definitely be at Lakeland and Regionals. Whoever else from over here, I have noo idea.

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