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Thread: PSA: Using Actions with Dragons

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    PSA: Using Actions with Dragons

    I was playing at my local PDC event the other day and the question came up as to how using an action from the field (specifically Millennium Puzzle) interacted with abilities like Red Dragon - Epic Dragon or Blue Dragon - Apprentice Dragon.

    My initial instinct was to apply the Dr. Strange ruling to the problem and not have the action trigger the dragons. That's how we played it in the moment, but after the fact I wanted to go back and make sure that it was played properly. In looking into the ruling and its application, I noticed this line:

    "When action dice use effects from the Field Zone, Dr. Strange doesn't trigger."

    This statement establishes that activating an action die from the field does count as using its effect, even if it doesn't count as using the action die itself. This means that the dragons of BFF should indeed trigger their effects when you use a persistent action die from the field.

    I wanted to share this and make sure that everyone was aware of the distinction between using an action die and using its effect. It would have made a big difference in the PDC game I played and made the close game a much faster kill. I still lost, so the outcome remains unchanged, but the flubbed ruling almost cost my opponent the game and I want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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    Thank you for the reminder. This game can get a little nutty sometimes.

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