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    Bring Infiltration and use some adventurers.

    I would use Avengers though unless you have the promo Kitty pride with at least 2 dice. In that case X-men win out. Otherwise Avengers offers you so many characters and abilities.

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    I don't have good enough villains to run them, I don't think. At lunch we ran our decks for this event to try them out... I ended up getting killed when I had them down to 2 health. That Copper Dragon breath is a *****...

    My team: Spidey Friends/Avengers
    Black Widow - Stinger
    Ant-Man - Biophysicist
    Gwen Stacy - TASG
    White Tiger- New Avenger
    Silver Sable- Hero for hire
    Ghost Rider - New Rider
    Capt America- Super Soldier
    Spider-Man - Tangled Web

    I'm not 100% sold on White Tiger or Ghost Rider... Any thoughts for replacements?

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    Replace White Tiger with Aunt May: Caring Aunt and Ghost Rider with her Hellfire Manipulator version.

    Also I suggest you replace Ant-Man with Hulk: Smash!. You have Black Widow for defense, so you don't need Ant-Man, especially that version. You don't need the Hulks with Overcrush since you have Silver Sable.

    Your win condition is now always attack with Aunt May to get her KO'd to pump up either Spider-man (or Hulk slowly) to Level 3. Then sacrifice Silver Sable to attack with either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nytmare View Post
    Thanks for the input vonVile. What BAC would you recommend for this? Considering BE and Resurrection...
    BE and maybe Assemble!. Assemble! may cost 1 more, but with you playing affiliated you can get out 2 dice from your bag instead of 1 on the field at Level 1 for free because of Teamwork. Resurrection only allows you to pull from your Used with no guaranty that die will be a character and if it is you still have to pay to field it. If you're worried about Ramp, that's what Aunt May and to a lesser extent Widow are for.
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