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Thread: World's Finest on Esdevium games

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    World's Finest on Esdevium games

    Esdevium Games have got World's Finest up in their catalogue. Retailers can pre-order for expected release in March.

    Here's the link:

    You can see some of the starter set dice in the screen shot. Speculate away!

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    That brown donut-looking thing could be Gordon, but I'd hate to believe the commissioner would have a side with 4 attack.

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    Edit: Nopeski. I now believe that the top left die in the starter is Superman. If you look at the side of the box the Steel die also appears to be way differently colored than the Steel in the starter too. That is definitely Superman, weird color choice.

    Took a bit of looking to realize what the yellow die is. It's not a disc cutting someone in half. It's a dog head, it's Krypto.
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    Middle row left side is obviously Catwoman, and I'm pretty sure the single die on the bottom right is Batman. I suspect the red and white dice in the centre of the bottom row are for Power Girl. We know she's in the set, the stats on the two levels we can see (4/4 and 6/6) seem reasonable for the character (to me, at least) and I can interpret that icon as a flying figure (either hovering or flying straight up) with a cape streaming behind them.

    Agree that the top left die is Superman, but that's because I'm thinking Superman HAS to be in the starter set, and that's the only die I think could be Superman.

    The other five I'm going to have to keep wondering about.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Superman / Brown / Krypton
    Cat woman / Orange / Batman
    Steel / Power Girl

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    Invalid attachment.

    So far I've got Superman, Gordon, Krypto, Cat Woman, ?, Steel, Power Girl, Batman.

    At first I thought ? might be Lex, but if you blow up the image (can get to 390% without blur) it appears that that isn't a suitcase at all. It actually has pointy bits at the top edges of the squared part. If the die were more red I could see it maybe being Katana (pointy bits being blade handles, head tilted downward) or even Big Barda (though I doubt she'd be a starter character). If we assume the squared part is body-ish and the rounded part is a head the character would have to be a cyclops of some sort - but it can't be Deadshot because the colors are way wrong and the dot is too centered. If we don't we end up back at "pointy suitcase thing". Also the colors kinda work for Mxyzptlk but I have no clue what the die symbol is supposed to represent if that is who it is.

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    Holy edit button Batman!

    If we're viewing at as a hood, it'd be more likely to be Damian Wayne. I still don't like the die color if that's what they're going for.

    Guy on the side of the box is Zod.

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    I can 100% confirm it's Zod. number 6 on the list uses the exact same picture.

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    Could the orange die actually be a purse? It might be Lois, though the die's stats seem really wonky for that. Then again the die that I think is the commissioner happens to get up to 4 attack which also strikes me as weird.

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    Yeah, Oracle works too. It's such an odd vague die.

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    It could be Damian with a hood up. I think the grey Batman dice having a new bat-cowl image could well be a Dick Grayson version of Batman perhaps?

    I think the brown die may be Bane - kinda looks like half his mask - and he's pictured on the playmat.

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    Supergirl (play mat image over Wonder Woman).
    Poison Ivy (play mat woman next to Bane)

    Gray dice in starter is Steel's. The image is his sledgehammer.
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