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Thread: Catch 22 Spin Team (Uber Cup)

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    Catch 22 Spin Team (Uber Cup)

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    The plan is no matter what choice my opponent makes off Red Skull's ability he's still screwed.

    Green Goblin: Yes, he's great for his ability, but I'm using him as my disposable character to activate Jade and Red Skull's abilities simultaneously by having him attack.

    Cheetah: She's there to take out whatever is left over when opponent fields a character after Red Skull, Vibe and Venom's abilities goes into affect.

    Jade: My Ramp. She, Cheetah, Green Goblin, or Vibe and will be attacking and blocking all the time to get 2 dice in Prep by the beginning of my next turn.

    Toad: Helps out Cheetah or Green Goblin to force a character to attack. Either might not even have to block.

    Vibe: Works with Red Skull and forces my opponent to spin up my team or everybody on his team spins down all taking 2 damage.

    Mongul: If opponent decides to spin down Mongul gets through unopposed. If opponent allow me to spin up Mongul, he becomes a beast at max a 9A with Overcrush and +3A off Anger Issues.

    Red Skull: The bane of my opponent.

    Venom: You know what he does!

    Anger Issues: even if my opponent chooses not to Spin up my characters Mongul will still attack with a 7A at Level 1.

    Exposed!: This is my end game BAC. Since I have mostly Villains this card doesn't affect me if my opponent uses it. I attack with everybody and he either pays 1 Life per blocker or takes their damage.
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    I can't use that card because Uber Cup is only Rares, Super Rares and OPs.

    I thought of using:

    but I need a character that can get KO'd to abuse Red Skull. Now that I think about it, if I give him Overcrush that would be a way to cycle him even if he does get a max of +5A +5D.

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    Okay, I figured it out. I'm going to use:

    Yes, I should have used him off the bat, but I was using him in my updated Wonderwall Anti-Monitor team and wasn't thinking about him.

    The final team will be listed in the original post.

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