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Thread: Combat damage timing

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    Combat damage timing

    I've confused myself and would like someone to clear up a few questions.

    If venom knocks out a lone attacker, but is Ko'd himself does he still deal damage?

    The second is overcrush. I'll use Punisher as an example because of his low defense.

    Does he have to survive to deal any remaining damage not soaked up by a blocker?

    There are other examples where timing is an issue.

    The rules forum stated deadpool jack will ko his target regardless.

    Green Goliath and jade giant generate hundreds of questions with there interactions.

    I thought it would be good to collect these questions in one thread for reference. If anyone else has some unique scenarios post them up!

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    1.) Yes. So long as an effect triggers, it must be resolved even if the triggered character is knocked out. This is why dealing lethal damage to Hulk still triggers his ability.

    2.) He does not survive, but he does deal any remaining damage not soaked by blockers. Overcrush is not dependent on the survival of the attacking character, it only checks that all blockers are knocked out. If that is true, then any remaining damage that was dealt is redirected to the opponent's life.

    3.) Deadpool is another example where once an effect triggers, it must resolve. Even though the triggered character (Deadpool) may be knocked out, the effect will still KO the targeted character at the end of the attack step, regardless of the state of triggered character.

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