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Thread: [Custom Characters] "Hostess Snack Cake" Villains

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    [Custom Characters] "Hostess Snack Cake" Villains

    Do you remember the Hostess snack cake advertisements that were placed in virtually every comicbook in the 1970s and early '80s? The ones where the various heroes were defeated ludicrous villains by offering them flaky, delicious Hostess Ho-hos and Twinkies?

    Well, I've always had an unhealthy love of these wacky villains and stat many of them up for every superhero game that I play. So, now I've created them as custom cards for Dice Masters and wanted to share them with the group.

    Many of the characters have an ability called Snack Cake Addiction. It is defined as follows: "When your opponent rolls two bursts on a Basic Action Die, they may use that die to knock out a character with this ability instead of using its normal effect."

    Note: I've had a couple of artists draw many of the characters and have used them here. The ones I don't have new art for, I've simply used illos taken directly from the ads.

    I'm also providing links to the various ads they appeared in.

    Human Computer:
    June Jitsui:
    Legal Eagle:
    Living Building:
    Ricochet Monster:
    Roller Disco Devils:
    Absent-Minded Mac:
    Big Mouth:
    Blow Dryer:
    Home Wrecker:

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    Those are great, good job! Love the artwork on them

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    All that's missing is Hostess Snack Cake as Action Dice.

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