Hi all,
Our LFGS just had a casual event based on any, but only, ASM cards - BACs limited to ASM as well. Part of the reasoning behind limiting the BACs was to get players to try out new BACs rather than sticking with their favorites, quite a good learning experience.

After going 3 - 1 with my team I've updated it (2 card change) and ended with this team http://dm.retrobox.eu/?view&cards=3x...x29asm;3x31asm

My going in plan was:
Turn 1: Buy opponent's Betrayal BAC (this was never an option), or field SK & buy Spidey's Last Stand
Turn 2: Buy Vulture/Silver Sable, or field SK & buy Spidey's Last Stand
Turn 3: Field character dice if pulled, or buy Vulture/Silver Sable (to have the pair if possible)

Can anyone offer advice on either improving the team build, or the initial turns?