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Thread: 3 PDCs, 3 Second place finishes

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    3 PDCs, 3 Second place finishes

    Ok, so I was going to do a tournament report for our local PDC at the Game Chamber in London, but life happened and I got distracted, and now I've been to 3 PDC tournaments, so I figured I'd just do a quick recap of all three. I also started a twitter account for my clan with Fun4willis, so if you want to follow us at tournaments live, check out @DMCanuckleheads.

    TL: DR - I still don't have a playmat.

    My Deck -
    Magic Missile
    Constantine - Hellblazer - 3 dice
    Mera - Queen of Atlantis - 1 Die
    Green Goblin - Gobby - 4 Dice
    Nova - The Human Rocket - 4 Dice
    Lantern Ring - Limited only by imagination - 2 Dice
    Iceman - Too Cool For Words - 1 Die
    Jinzo - Trap Destroyer - 2 Dice
    Hulk - Jade Giant - 3 Dice

    December 11, 2015
    The Game Chamber London, On
    10 players
    It's important to note that our judge ruled that lantern ring only dealt damage once per symbol, so that how i had to play it.

    Round one
    My opponent is bringing a home brew with no clear win condition. Of note, neither of us had PXG, and we both planned on using our opponents PXG to get things out faster. I am able to get some sidekicks out and use gobby to deal some damage, then polymorph him to his level 3 side and hit for 5 til he's dead.

    Round two
    My opponent brings a Vulture team and doesn't see or forgets that I have the mera global. He builds a wall of sidekicks and then too cools them all and smugly tells me that he is dealing 32 damage with overcrush. I declare no blockers (which confuses him as he assumed I would concede) and use Mera to save my ass. I then swing back on my turn for lethal. He had to read mera a few times, but he was a great sport about it.

    Round three
    My worst match up in our local scene. It's a modified version of Apologize in advance, but for the life of me, I can't beat it. He is a great player and has built a very strong control team. I'll post it below if anyone is curious. I have played him so many times that I honestly don't remeber this match, other then it was close, but I lost.

    2 Beholder Master Aberration
    1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monstrous Dragon
    3 Breaker the Magical Warrior Mana Break
    4 Constantine Hellblazer
    3 Iron Fist The Immortal
    3 Jinzo Trap Destroyer
    1 Professor X Recruiting Young Mutants
    3 Solomon Grundy Buried on a Sunday

    Round four
    A canucklehead/iron fist team. I've played him before and it's a very good list, but once I found out about the Mera global, it made the match up much easier for me. I go for an early Jinzo which helps against his use of PXG and BEWD and then take my time going for the ring/nova win. Moving onto the Top 4!

    I'm up against a sub-optimal gobby team with mary jane and aunt may to use as additional fodder for gobby, but Hulk is too strong for him. I win game one with Nova burn, but lose game two to my own inability to roll anything with a face on it. Game three goes back in my favour fairly quickly and it's on to the finals.

    Back up against the AIA team, and I know my dream is dead. It's getting late and we both miss that at one point he attacked me for damage, but I didn't get my imprissioned stuff back. We didn't notice for 2 turns or so and wasn't sure how to handle it, so we decide to call it a missed trigger and move on, but that could have been a large turning point for me.

    Game two I'm doing better with nothing but a gobby and a lantern ring to my name, but we run out of time. The PDC rules on what to do next aren't super clear, so we start another game with only 3 turns each and I win that game with gobby, but then he wins the next 3 turn game with constantine and a whole lot of mask dice for distraction. It's unfortunate to lose, but if you have to lose, might as well lose to a friend and teammate.

    The Canuckleheads take all 4 top spots, but It's at our local store, and we are 6 of the 10 people playing, so that was kind of inevitable.

    January 9th 2016
    Checkmate Games
    Toledo, Oh
    20 Players

    Round one
    My first chance to play against a Guy Gardner team. I'm not sure why, but just NOBODY plays him in my local. I know he can win super fast and is very aggressive, so I try fielding a bunch of sidekicks, but then he doesn't buy him. Confused, I buy Gobby and use my new found wall of sidekicks to deal a ton of damage to him and then win with lantern ring.

    Round two
    Opponent is bringing a zombie magneto and green goliath to try and ruin my plans of beating him with gobby. Problem was, beating him with Gobby wasn't my plan. Jade Giant trumps GG, and nova burn doesn't care about ZMags. After the match my opponent tells me that he hasn't been playing long and this is the first Gobby he's seen in real life and that's kinda why he focused on it so heavily.

    Round three
    Finally my rematch with JT from Canadian Nationals. He is running a very weird mostly action dice team, but with ring of magnetism and the teen titan that redirects whatever you throw at her, it takes a while to get lethal damage in place. I can't remember why, but he either attacks with the TT with the ring on her and I let it through, or he removed her for some reason(Neither makes sense to me right now, but i remember her leaving the field, and I had NO way of dealing with her). Without that hurdle in the way I'm free to use globals again, and I use Gobby with lantern ring to strike through with lethal.

    Round four
    Parallax + enter the battlefield effects is rude when it works, but I kinda feel like it's a trap. My opponent is using PLXG to field gobby multiple times per turn, or at least that's his plan, but a whole buttload of bad rolls leaves him with no ramp left, and me still alive. While he tries to recover, I manage to get all my ducks in a row and kill him with nova burn/lantern ring. This was a STUPIDLY close match, and I just barely got the W. I was literally shaking afterwards.

    Round 5
    My opponent and I are the only undefeated, so we decide to draw and guarantee that we make top 4. ONTO THE SEMI FINALS!

    The top 4 decide to prize split and just play for the mat, so we all walk away with $37.50 ($54 Canadian!!!) My semi-final opponent is my teammate Jeremy with the AIA team, and since he had already won a mat, he concedes to me so I can go to the finals.

    My opponent is playing a Viscous struggle team, and it's ruled that it does stack. Game one I decide to go for a quick Jinzo, but I'm unable to roll him, even with my opponent having a PLXG for me to use. He buys all three Struggles and uses them and Silver surfer to kill me. Game two I decide to buy 2 of his struggles, but while I'm buying them he buys small characters and uses my inability to roll to kill me.

    Super nice store, with a ton of great players. We'll be back to Toledo for sure. The Canuckleheads take 2nd and 3rd. Or 4th. I'm not really sure where Jeremy ended up after conceding.

    January 10th
    For the Win Cafe
    Toronto On,
    16 Players

    Round one
    My opponent is playing a vulture list that his friend made for him. He has toomes, prismatic spray and stealth ops, so If he knows what he's doing, and gets all his ducks in a row, I'm dead. Thankfully, he doesn't seem to know what stealth ops does, and I'm sure not going to tell him, so after I build a little wall he stops going defensive and full on admits he doesn't know how to win after turn 5. I show him how Nova wins after turn 5 anf move on. And yes, I told him about Stealth Ops after the game was done, and how to use it in the future.

    Round two
    playing against Fun4willis again. After trying a new team in Toledo, and getting destroyed he went back to his canucklehead team, and sadly, that team has issues against Mera. It sucks beating a friend so early on, but only one of us can move on, and I want it to be me.

    Round three

    Round four
    This is a team I haven't seen before, but it's basically a lock down/ taxes team. he has things like wasp, and kang and carnage. Basically things that sit on the field and make you pay life to do anything, so I go for an early Hulk and refuse to let him keep things in the field. He had never seen the hulk/MM combo, and had no defence for it, so I was able to keep his field empty and swing through once I had lethal.

    Round Five
    Again, we are both undefeated and choose to draw to guarantee top 4.

    As much as it sucks to kill a friend in swiss, it sucks worse to do it in the single elimination. Sorry Fun4willis.

    My opponent has a laser focused blisteringly fast mera team. I try and get Jinzo out early but fail to roll it and get run over. New Strategy, get anything on the field. Game two I try this, but SERIOUSLY screw up my first turn by fielding 2 sidekicks and keeping masks back to PXG. PXG? I have no dice in my used, what can I possibly PXG? dammit... I try to recover my misstep, and my opponent tries to help me by rolling TERRIBLY for like 3 turns in a row, but once he lands his rolls it all comes together in a giant lantern ring shaped lightening bolt to my face.

    The Canuckleheads take 2nd and 3rd again.

    Overall I am LOVING the PDC and I love this community. 3 tournaments in 3 cities in 2 countries and I have yet to meet an asshole, or someone who gets pissed off when you beat them. Everyone is so relaxed and chill, even though we are all there to beat each other, there is none of that "magic" animosity towards each other.

    Please Dice Masters community, never change. Grow, but stay the same.
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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
    Blog Entries
    Some games run together. You never bought JG in our game. If you recall, I conceded as soon as you had lethal with the ring and Gobby - I just made you see it first. And while I might have attacked with the ringed Cassie, that doesn't sound like me. It does sound like a panicked desperate version of me, and so I definitely might have, but I really don't remember at this point. Thanks for the recap!!

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    I honestly don't remember why/if you attacked, but since I had NO way of removing it, and I do remember it leaving the field, that seemed like the only option. You're right though, matches do run together, and I do remember now the gobby ring. I'll change it in the write up.

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    Round four
    Parallax + enter the battlefield effects is rude when it works, but I kinda feel like it's a trap. My opponent is using PLXG to field gobby multiple times per turn, or at least that's his plan, but a whole buttload of bad rolls leaves him with no ramp left, and me still alive. While he tries to recover, I manage to get all my ducks in a row and kill him with nova burn/lantern ring. This was a STUPIDLY close match, and I just barely got the W. I was literally shaking afterwards.
    I missed approximately 10 Gobby rolls with Parallax during this game. About 6 at the end. Just needed 1 of them to hit to win. Of course the last one rolled the Lvl 3 face, when I had no more energy left to pay for fielding.

    Very well played match, sir. My Guy/Miri was slowed down significantly.

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