The Reserve Pool is looking to expand its content avenues and bring you more of the Dice Masters news and content you love. To make this a reality we are looking for volunteers who have skill in the following venues, and who can dedicate to producing content at a minimum of once per week.

Content Categories:
Front Page Columnists
Vbulletin and site design (looking to expand our webmastery team)

Minimum requirements for the above positions would include:
-An understanding of Dice Masters and itís communities
-A friendly and welcoming demeanor, both written and in person
-Reliable access to the internet, text messaging, and free time to produce content
-Motivation and desire to be active in the Dice Masters community
-Conversationally fluent English language skills (Dice Masters is written in english, and the lowest common denominator for communicating about this game is English. Any other fluencies are a major plus)

Other, non-mandatory positives we are looking for:
-Established presence in the online Dice Masters community
-A portfolio of previous projects in the field(s) listed above
-Competitive experience on the Dice Masters leaderboards or at large events
-A large local community to help foster and generate discussions and ideas
-Other important or relevant skills, experiences of abilities that would be beneficial to bring to the site.

These positions are all volunteer positions, but would grant moderator status on, as well and allow access to our staff forums. As such, we would expect those accepted to treat their actions, words and postings on Dice Masters community sites and at live events to reflect that of and itís staff. We are looking forward to working with all new staffers eager to help add more content for you folks to enjoy.

To Apply, Message IsaacBV or Shadowmeld on thereservepool.comís private message system. Applicants will be screened through current staff and any references an applicant may provide.

Thanks as always for your interest,