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Thread: Question about length of turns

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    Question about length of turns

    Hi, I haven't been playing long, and never in a tournament, I have a question about turns and how it relates to cards to work "until end of turn". I'll use the BAC Slander as an example. The card reads "Target opposing character loses it's ability text until end of turn". What I want to know is what constitutes the end of the turn? Is the turn once player 1 and 2 have gone? If that's the case if I'm player 2 wouldn't the card be much less useful? Or does it mean just my turn? Or does it mean my turn plus my opponents following turn? Thanks for the help, the text on these cards is so vague sometimes.

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    Current player's turn. and as a Side note, all temporary effects are assumed to be until end of turn unless otherwise specified.

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    You do actually take 2 from Jinzo. Arguably you wouldn't take DMG from wasp though.

    Jinzo is the exception because you have to pay before you can use the action die.

    Also, one usually PXGs on the opponents turn, and you cannot play action dice on an opponents turn.

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