If any one reading this forum is also planning to travel to Calgary for a PDC event January 16, 2016 (which is tomorrow as I post this), it's been postponed.

There were actually 2 PDC Events nominally scheduled for January 16 in Calgary, but both have been postponed.

Eastridge Hobbies has postponed theirs because they're still waiting on the prizing. No replacement date has been announced yet (and probably won't be until after they've received the prizing.)

Metal Galaxy only just re-opened in a new location this past Thursday, and the owner has decided he wants another week to get organized there before hosting the PDC. (The store hosts a weekly Dice Masters tourney every Saturday at 4 p.m. and that will still be happening, but it will just be a regular tourney, not the PDC.)

(I know stores in the same vicinity aren't supposed to schedule PDC Events head to head, but they either didn't notice or didn't care.)