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Thread: D&D BFF Draft, 8 Players, Isle of Games Tucson 1/16/16

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    D&D BFF Draft, 8 Players, Isle of Games Tucson 1/16/16

    This was my first D&D draft and the first one at our store.

    Setup was three thirty minute rounds of Swiss with D&D basic actions only. We've been using a modified rainbow draft format. Draft only 6 packs and distribute the dice, then draft the second 6 packs. So you don't get to see what's in your second hand but you do get a chance to see what everyone else has from the fist 6 packs, at least dice wise. Makes the first hand dicey because you have no idea what you might get the second time around, but you can definitely tell what to hate draft.

    We had 6 familiar drafters for our store but two new players showed up right when the draft started, which was awesome. They'd been kitchen table playing with mostly UXM it sounded like, so D&D was a whole new world. I tried to give a quick break down of the new things they'd see but it's a lot to take in and they were pretty cool with just jumping in and seeing what happened.

    So first six packs I opened I had nothing, I think I took a carrion crawler because they're pretty cheap and I had just completed my D&D set a few weeks ago so I didn't want a rare Drow Assassin or whatever.
    But as the cards went around I did end up with 3 Copper Dragons (I've been interested in Copper Dragon since Shadowmeld talked about him on the Podcasts, and he's my favorite now for sure).
    I think I also grabbed a Blue and or Green Dragon but no Half-Dragons. My buddy Eric across the table got both, we did a mock draft early in the week and dragons seemed strong from that so we had the same plan going...
    Second 6-pack I grabbed 3 Half-Dragons, too many but I didn't want to pass them on to anyone else. I ended up missing out on Red Dragon because I had to pick between that and a SR Mind Flayer that no one wanted, I didn't want him either but I took him and ended up trading him for a Zombie Green Goblin, so any other prizes would all be gravy for me! Rounded out the dragons and tried to pick up some cheap characters for a backup plan. Here's what I played:

    X1 X3 X3 X4
    X3 X1 X3 X2

    Probably should have gone with the Common Half-Dragon since I didn't field Dragons a lot and polymorph.
    I brought the kobold for something cheap, equipable and maybe a Poly target for me, more on that later. I ended up with 20 dice, which was great, I actually left a Copper Dragon die on the table. I didn't end up playing Skeletons or Magic Sword but I wasn't able to get any adventurers so better than nothing.

    First round opponent has done a lot of drafts and the store and had a solid team with a Treant, a few small adventures, swarm Kobolds and SR Stirge, but powered by the life gain Unicorn (she had 3 or 4) and unblockable Invisible Stalker. I bought Half-Dragon and then before I got him in play I bought a polymorph and Carrion Crawler. Once I had H-D I bought dragons every turn, ended up with 2 Coppers, a Blue and a Green. Early rounds I got in a big hit (6 or 7) mainly with the level 3 Crawler and figured I'd just cost in with breath weapons. But she was cycling unicorns and almost completely recovered over the next 5 rounds. Level 3 Unicorns kept knocking my life down and the Invisible Stalker was killing me, but eventually I got a L3 Greenie and was able to peck away with his ability and his breath weapon. I finally pushed through on my last turn in overtime, and since I was at 6 or 7 health I might not have survived the next turn.

    Round two: My other buddy Alex kept saying he wasn't looking for adventures but he had a pretty nice team of them. He had Red Dragon, fireball and polymoph and his plan was to polymorph all my dragons out and fireball for chaos. I accidentally bought the kobold on a turn because I had an extra fist, he poly-ed out my dragons for the kobold 3 times and I had to not block with it twice to prevent experience gains, I did not buy it again... I let my self get caught up a bit in the polymoph arms race (I bought two and he bought 4!) but in the end I got set up with Half-D, a Copper and a level 3 Blue to win on turn 2 of extra turns. Between Red Dragon five or six times, a few Fireballs and letting half-orc through a few times I was down to about 4 life so it was really close.

    Round thee: Showdown with Eric and the other Half-D team for all the marbles. He was playing around with Charm, and it did get him three energy for a big turn at one point. We both bought Half-Dragon turn one and I decided it was a race to dragon superiority so I payed full price for a Blue Dragon instead of buying polymoph and using resurection. I ended up buying the Copper Dragon before I could get Half-D out too but I rolled level three on the Blue and since I kept rolling characters I didn't have to buy anything else for the rest of the game. There were two resurrections so I was able prep/churn, keep fielding the copper dragon and breath weapon twice a round several times. He couldn't afford to let the 6-6 dragon through so the copper went through instead and I was able to just keeping pounding away at whatever he could get fielded. Eric was breaking it down afterwards and we agreed that if he'd bought another dragon instead of a second Half-Dragon early that would probably have changed the game quite a bit, especially since he had a few bad rolls that prevented him from getting his dragon fielded.

    I got all three of the set one OP cards and 7 prize packs. Nothing special in the prize packs so I handed over those and all my commons and uncommons from the draft to the new guys... and we got a new family hooked on the D&D set. I was able to hang around and traded 6 rares to fill in my other sets.

    I think everyone had a great draft and it was a triple great day for me. I'll be buying the Attack Wing Copper Dragon and bringing that next week when I play Shadowmeld's Good Synergy team.
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