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Thread: Article: How it Works: The Roll and Reroll Step

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentj View Post
    Why is that the correct strategy?
    Your chance of getting the energy you want with two dice is 67%ish and your chance of getting a sidekick is about 33% the risk is half the reward. More than that, and your risk gets too high. But honestly, it's statistics, it doesn't matter how many dice you role there's still a chance you get something bad. I do think you minimize risk of characters the fewer dice you roll, and the chance of getting the energy you want is relatively common in a small amount of dice. But, as I mentioned in the article, anything could happen and it's better to have alternatives planned for than to try and reroll for a perfect roll.

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    Also, you can't do anything between the roll and re-roll step except choose which dice will be re-rolled. You can't use globals or actions nor field characters.

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