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Thread: Help Needed for Rulebook!

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    Help Needed for Rulebook!

    Hello fellow Dice Masters Players.

    I dont want to dig up the old thread, because the topic is different.

    But some maybe remember that i am working on a Wordfile that contains all Rulings of the WKRF in it, as also the erratas, key words and official Formats, Judge Guidiance etc... .

    Right now after a Break of 1 Month i started again working on it and its Timeconsuming. Its not spectacular work but the mass of Topics in there crushes me and my motivation for every page i finish.

    So here i am requesting if 1 or 2 people are interested in helping me to build this Rulebook!!!

    Whats in for you?

    Named in the Book and on all internet publications and the good feeling, that someone out there got our support in analog or digital form without having a hassle about rulings.

    Whats the task?
    Just open all Topics on Page X and copy the Text of the Question and the Answer in a Word file(no formatting). Then writing in Bold the Word: "Answer:" after the question and before the Answer-Text of the WK-Team.
    Thats all.

    Right now i am on page 5 and page 11(started first time from the beginning/back, until they added new Topics).

    If your interested write me here or PM me, or Email or Facebook: Tom Wendler. I'll send you more specific details.

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