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Thread: Big confusion with Big Nothing

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    Big confusion with Big Nothing

    Need help please. I don't know if I'm reading too much into this but for the abilities listed on Punisher: Big Nothing, after I assign him to attack do I deal 2 damage to each opposing character (A. In my opponents Attack Zone) or (B. In my opponents Field Zone) unless they pay to prevent? The lexicon states "Opposing" as "Controlled by another player (either because it belongs to them, or they’ve taken control of one of your dice)." I'm not understanding if I would be going overboard to deal every character my opponent has out some damage or just the one's assigned to block because I figured it would say "each blocking character", or something like that instead. Thanks for any answers.

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    You would deal every character on his/her side of the field 2 damage, unless he/she paid 4 life. It's a cost 6, it should be potent.

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