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Thread: Madison Dice Masters

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    Madison Dice Masters

    Hi All,

    The Madison schedule got a lot more complicated.

    Generally we play at I'm Board every Thursday with tournaments on the 1st and 3rd Thursday.

    We also play at Netherworld games downtown on the 2nd and 4th Monday night. Both 6-9 PM.

    Finally Pegasus games hosts events Sunday mornings every other week, check with the store for details.

    Chao for now.

    Edit - Fixed the Netherworld weeks!
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    14 Players at our monthly constructed this week at I'm board.

    Adults played characters M-Z only kids brought anything. Good times by all!

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    Two events coming up this week.

    Monday from 6-9 PM there is a constructed swiss tournament at Netherworld games down town. It's a theme team tournament, so construct a team using 6 characters from the same comic book (or I guess D&D team) then you have two flex spots. The characters don't have to match affiliation in game, so Wolverine/Spiderman can be Avengers, and She-Hulk can be on the Fantastic Four etc.

    The WES link is here:

    The second event is a casual game night at I'm Board Games on Thursday from 6-9 Pm. We are approaching Valentine's day, some of our members are excited so this weeks casual play theme is LOVE (Ooohhh la laaa...)

    Theme for Thursday, January 28th at I'm Board: Love


    Love between a parent and child: Spider-Man and Aunt May
    Romantic love: Spider-Man and Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy or Black Cat (man he gets around more than Gambit!)
    Unrequited love: Jean Grey and Wolverine
    Bromance: Iceman and Beast
    Family love: She Hulk and Hullk
    Heart shaped dice and Love Characters: Mary Jane, Violet Lanterns
    Unmentionable Love: Professor X and Jean Grey.

    Hope to see a lot of people at these

    You can also join the Madison facebook group if you ever plan to come out for an event

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    Dicemasters in Madison this week

    2/22/2016 - D&D FUS Draft at Netherworld Games - Downtown 6 PM

    2/25/2016 - Casual play (theme is D&D constructed) at I'm Board Games - Middleton 6 PM

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