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Thread: PDC Madison 1-116-16 Unlimited Constructed (18 Players) 1st Place

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    PDC Madison 1-116-16 Unlimited Constructed (18 Players) 1st Place

    I apologize for not taking good notes so I'm unable to give round by round details, but I can still share the team with you just the same. It went 4-1 in the swiss rounds, 2-0 in the semi-finals and 2-1 in the final match.

    The team sets up very fast, which often doesn't give the opponent time to react. Human Paladin's global seemed to be pretty effective, but in saving s to activate it slows down the opponent while I get to continue developing. I don't have a lot more to say but I'm happy to answer questions if there are any.

    It should be noted that I only won one die roll to go 1st all day. I was playing 2nd in almost every game.
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    I originally had S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in place of Miri. For all purposes he works almost as well. A quick comparison of their dice shows that they are identical except on level 3 where Miri gets 1 higher A.

    The ability doesn't matter for either character. They could be a blank card for my purposes. But more than 1 person assumed Miri was there for hers.

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    I faced Big Entrance teams using Tsarina, Gobby and Constantine. None used Guy. They weren't much of a problem.

    Two teams had the Paladin mentioned in the first post. He slows me down. The team that beat me had Poly, Jinzo, Green Goliath and Zombie Magneto. All 3 are a huge problem if they aren't dealt with. That's the reason for the Puzzle.

    There are other solid teams I faced but I don't recall the specifics. They just didn't have an answer to Ring rush.

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    This list was played to perfection. Congrats Gabe!

    The only solid answer I've found is still iffy, getting something like Jinzo and Captain America Super Solider out can slow it down, but you are going to have a puzzle before they get both of those in the field.

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    Another random Miri note, if things get rough and Fatality is blocked out she can bring another copy of herself in from the used once the ring is fielded. She just wants to know the number of lantern colors you control not lantern color characters, so that might be a pro move sometime to double the rings output in a pinch.

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