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Thread: Prismatic Spray Paragon Spell and Sacrifice

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    Prismatic Spray Paragon Spell and Sacrifice

    Can I use prismatic spray paragon spell to take control of 2 characters then sacrifice them, such as for the construct abilities in the DnD set #2?

    Since it doesn't say the dice are "controlled" do they go to my opponents used pile? I think that if this was the case, it would be a great combo. Less so if the opponent gets to prep the dies, but still not too terrible.

    I hope wizkids allows this! Because I love actions that rock!

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    The Fabricate abilities you're referring to KO dice, so prep area. However, this is a good combo, and could be a fun way to steal and burn your opponent's dudes. Actually with Fabricate this rare spray should be a lot more interesting.

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