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Thread: Sinestro: Corps Namesake

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    Sinestro: Corps Namesake

    How does his ability actually work? Is it "pay 1 energy per blocking character" or "pay 1 energy per character blocking Sinistro?" For example if I had 3 other characters and Sinistro attack, must the opponent pay 4 energy or only 1 for Sinistro?

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    Your opponent must pay 1 generic energy per character they assign to block Sinestro specifically.

    It does not affect your opponent's ability to block your other characters and is not payed for opposing characters that don't block Sinestro.

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    This actually came up in a game in our weekly event, myself and another person read it that it only made you pay for the dice blocking him. I think that's the intention of the card.

    Two other people read it the other way where it meant all blocking dice.

    I could see it go either way based on the wording. We went with the rule of reasonableness and ruled it as you only had to pay for the characters blocking any of the Sinestro dice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentj View Post
    When I read his card it appears he cannot be blocked unless the defender pays 1 per blocking character die. Are you blocking? If so how many dice are you blocking with? You must spend 1 per die you decide to block with. It does not say pay 1 per die blocking Sinestro.
    Well it reads as you could bend the card text to your own good will, on the contrary, there are several old cards that having text where is not always talked about the character but answered on WKRF for it. Also strange other cards from the oldest sets has the line "This Character..."

    So whats bugging about this card is again the quality issue with the text!

    I am on the side that it only counts for Sinestro, since the text has his name in it, means its ment for this one die attacking. So if you attack with 2 Sinestro dice, you would not think of it to stack the blocking cost for every die you send blocking, would you?

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