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Thread: Using Vassal for drafts

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    Using Vassal for drafts

    I play on vassal a little and understand the basic game. I am looking for information on how to use vassal to set up drafts, put a password on the room you create (I can lock it just can't figure out how to password it), and whatever other options there are for playing (doubles & now triples). I did read the help file but as you can guess by me posting here, it was not helpful.

    I did look on for videos and only found ones that show you have to build/save your team and play a regular game. Anyone know how to do the other options and willing to make a video or show me how to do these things?



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    The draft module for Vassal Is Dice Masters Drafts, not the Marvel Dice masters one we use for everything else. Check it out, it might not have ASM in it.

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    Dice Masters Draft Module 1.7 Includes the Amazing Spider-Man Set. Draft Module here

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